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Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Why is Heveatech different from solid wood?

    A: Heveatech if stated as rubber wood, means is 100% rubber wood. Solid wood may be derived from young trees that may be susceptible to insect attacks and unstable. The Moisture Content (MC) in solid wood may be uneven causing instability to the wood as well.


    Q: Is Heveatech is 100% real wood?

    A: Yes, all real wood, works and feels real wood minus real wood problems.


    Q: It is only rubber wood, why so expensive?

    A: It is not expensive, it is Value For Money. The added values, proprietary resin impregnation and structural strengths with stability have been added to surpass conventional rubber wood and other hardwoods. It is not ordinary rubber wood any more.

    Furthermore, the excessive use of tropical hardwoods are killing our jungle and causing global warming. Heveatech is the best substitute and performs better than conventional wood. 


    Q: Can Heveatech being rubber wood sustain the outdoor environment?

    A: Yes, it has been R&D and designed for such purpose.


    Q: Which kind of wood is better for indoor and outdoor usage (falcata or rubber)?

    A: Rubber wood. For rubber wood’s density and strength is better than falcata, but it depends on the usage.  If it’s meant only for face layer, it suggested using falcata, but if it’s for heavy duty usage, then it is suggested to use rubber wood because it is more durable. Therefore, for outdoor and indoor usage it is highly recommended to use rubber wood. If the usage is for outdoor usage the rubber wood then it should be impregnated because of considering the weather. The rubber wood that has been impregnated also can be used for indoor.


    Q: How long does Heveatech® wood would approximately last?

    A: It has put under research that Heveatech® wood durability of delamination can last up to 15 years but for termites matter it can last for 10 years.  


    Q: How to maintain Heveatech® Decking?

    A: Coating maintenance periodically every 6 to 8 month (ideally).


    Q: Why use Heveatech® wood instead of solid wood?

    A: Because Heveatech® wood is more stable compare to solid wood (less expansion and shrinkage aspect) because the down side of solid wood is that it can warpage and twist, also the shrinkage and expansion is not maintained (nature). Heveatech® durability against water is similar to Ulin wood. Heveatech® use plantation forest as its source of wood, therefore its availability is unlimited.


    Q: How is Heveatech compared to Wood Plastic Composite (WPC)?

    A: WPC is artificial, it has a mix of vinyl and other materials. Heveatech is all wood. WPC can be hot to stepped on when it is hot and vice versa. Where else Heveatech will be in equilibrium with the temperature. The disadvantages are:

    a)       WPC is wood look alike only.

    b)       WPC cannot be re-finished.

    c)       There are many recorded incidences of WPC being not stable. 


    Q: Can Heveatech be installed on wall, ceiling and fencing?

    A: Yes, it has been used for all that purpose, if it can withstand outdoors, it can be used indoors. It has also been turned into, wall cladding, tables, chairs, bench etc.


    Q: How heavy is Heaveatech® decking?

    A: The density is up to 800kg/m3 or 16kg/m2, it can still be lifted by a person for a meter square parameter.


    Q: Does Heveatech® wood last for a life time?

    A: Heveatech® is extremely durable against harsh weather also it is termites and insect free. But for lifetime usage, we have not that kind of warranty. Because usage is depends on each person and wood still has its own nature character, therefore we cannot give lifetime warranty.


    Q: Does Heveatech® wood durable against harsh weather such as extremely cold and hot weather?

    A: Yes,It does.Because it has gone through delamination test against climate, where Heveatech® wood is being put through a freezer (-10 degree) for 72 hours and after that it’s being put through an oven ( for 80 degrees) after that it’s being boiled (up to 100 degrees) for not less than 72 hours. Heveatech® has been tested with more than 15 cycle with the same wood. It proves that Heveatech® is highly resistant against extreme weather.


    Q: Is it possible to replace one piece if damaged?

    A: Simple removal of the deck, and attached a new deck of the same length and width.


    Q: Why Heveatech® use rubber wood instead of other wood?

    A: Because our rubber wood is taken from industrial plantation. Therefore this wood is an eco friendly wood and gives no harm to the nature. The availability of Heveatech® is unlimited because for rubber wood, it only needs 3 years until it is fully grown and can be felled.


    Q: Will the layers peel off?

    A: The layers are laminated in factory using glues meant for outdoor use of the highest quality and timber technology. There is a warranty for to cover delamination of the layers that affects the wood structural integrity.


    Q: Can customer ask for Heveatech® sample even though they’re not domicile isn’t in Indonesia?

    A: Yes. We charge for 1.5 USD per sample (20X90X145 mm).