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About Heveatech®

    Heveatech® is innovated with a mission:
    to be the most eco-friendly wood product.

    Using solid wood lumber contributes to the shrinking of our precious rainforest. It damages the ecosystem and affects the global environment.

    Heveatech® presents an environmentally-friendly wood made of Hevea Brasiliensis, grown mostly in Southeast Asia via community farming. This species is planted for rubber tapping and are kept for 25 to 30 years. At the end of its lifespan, these trees are felled. The logs, considered as waste, are incinerated.

    Heveatech® utilizes this "waste" and with our best technology engineering, transforms it into a high quality wood product.

    This further justifies Heveatech® as
    the best, eco-friendly wood product.

    Heveatech® thoroughly maximizes output by handling veneers carefully, arranging them into the highest-quality of Laminated Veneer Lumber. By applying this technique, Heveatech® maintains the beauty of natural wood while achieving superior durability.

    Our high-end engineering allows Heveatech® to be customized in various shapes and dimension more freely, unlike solid hardwoods. This helps us to stay green by reducing waste and ensuring faster installation, while preserving it's natural beauty. As a result, using Heveatech® is more cost-effective than solid wood.

    Heveatech® is made from enhanced impregnation technology. Our layer-by-layer treatment ensures Heveatech® to be thoroughly uniform in structure, with equal density and moisture. Using this method increases the wood's density and prevents water absorption, which contributes to the durability and performance of our wood products.

    Heveatech® is also resistant to insects and termites, guaranteed.